Work With Me

I work closely with a small group of clients on either a 1-to-1 consulting basis, or by providing complete end-to-end digital marketing strategy & implementation services.


My mission is to help you scale your business predictably with paid traffic.

For established businesses selling online courses or information products, I work with you to help attract more leads, customers & sales using paid advertising, primarily using Facebook. Whether you're looking to increase sales during a product launch or you want to drive traffic to your evergreen sales funnels at scale, I've got you covered.


Example Clients

You are an established entrepreneur who regularly launches high quality online courses and information products. You're looking to take your sales to the next level using paid advertising and want someone who specialises in this exact area to manage your advertising campaign for you. There is no room for mistakes during your launch and you want to work with someone who has a proven track record of consistently delivering exceptionally high ROI's.

You've got a proven evergreen sales funnel that is already selling your online courses for you. You know you're ready to really scale it up and you don't want to wait 12 months hoping that SEO and blog posts will deliver the traffic you need. You know Facebook ads are the answer to getting a flood of high quality traffic fast, and you want to work with a leader in Facebook advertising to deliver that traffic for you at scale, and at the lowest price possible.


If you would like to chat about how I can help you,


“Andrew is my go-to expert when it comes to paid traffic. He managed my Facebook ads for the launch of my signature program, Virtual Summit Mastery. Those ads generated $36449 in revenue and 700+ new email subscribers from an ad spend of just $4159! His knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and he always knows what’s working right now and how to apply that to get the best results possible for my business.”

– Navid Moazzez, Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Creator of Virtual Summit Mastery

“Andrew is a Facebook advertising genius. The first time we worked together on the launch of my signature program Get Known, Get Clients, he helped me generate a return on investment of over 4000% on my advertising budget! Results driven, professional, and a true pleasure to work with.”

– Selena Soo, Business + Publicity Strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors. Founder, S2 Groupe.

“Andy is a Facebook ads expert & he really knows his stuff. He was kind enough to jump on a call with me & help me with my Virtual Summit, gaining exposure and advertising the summit through Facebook. Andy really helped me a lot with my ads. He helped my dial them in to the appropriate audiences and he helped me with me retargeting. One of my retargeting ads even made a 1000% ROI!”

– Jon Schumacher, Founder of & host of the Webinar Mastery Summit