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Facebook Ad Manager

Want to work from anywhere, with flexible hours as part of a highly capable, fun team who deliver amazing results for their clients using Facebook and Instagram advertising?

You'll get experience working on and delivering results for large advertising accounts owned by some of the biggest names in the online education and SAAS industries. If you want to work on fast paced, dynamic advertising campaigns for accounts spending thousands of dollars per day on Facebook and Instagram ads (and generating much more each day in sales), then you'll love this position.

About The Role

Our Facebook ad managers receive comprehensive training in Facebook and Instagram advertising & digital marketing, and also receive guidance and mentoring to help them become the very best at what they do. The ad manager role is an entry level position, and we look to progress our ad managers to account managers as quickly as possible. As an account manager there is no cap on your potential income and it is possible for talented individuals to earn multiple six figures as an account manager.

The mission for this role is to manage client ad campaigns and help them scale their businesses to over $1m / year while hitting or exceeding our ROAS goals.Your goal is to hit or exceed all KPI goals set out for our client's ad accounts, and to do it consistently. The ad manager is responsible for all aspects of the FB and IG ad campaigns, including strategy, copywriting, creating design briefs for our graphic design team to use, writing video ad scripts, reporting, and client communications.

Successful ad managers are creative, driven, detail oriented, and analytical. Most of all, they are exceptional digital marketers.

The role is a contractor position, part time at first (20 hours per week) and will quickly move to full time. You will start on a base monthly wage and progress to performance based remuneration once you reach the account manager level.

This isn't an average contractor position. You'll get US national holidays off AND get paid for all of them. We also offer paid leave as part of our contracts.

You are welcome to work from anywhere and work your weekly hours on a flexible schedule that suits your lifestyle. However you will be expected to have a fast, reliable internet connection and to be able to attend regular team meetings.

About The Company

We specialise in managing Facebook advertising campaigns for digital product owners, primarily online course creators, as well as SAAS companies. Our clients are largely based in the US and Australia, and have already got a proven product and sales process and come to us to help them scale with Facebook and Instagram ads. Our core belief is that we don't have clients, we have partners. We truly care about their businesses as if they are our own, and work as though we are a partner in their business. We are just as invested in their success as they are.

We are focused on performance, and our key measure of success is the results we deliver for our partners.

To be a perfect fit to work with us you must be a team player, a fast-action taker, be creative and willing to try new things, and be data driven and analytical. The job is fast paced, results oriented and rewarding. If you don't like to get outside your comfort zone, push boundaries, and be accountable for your own results then you won't be a good fit for our team. But if those things excite you, then you'll fit right in!

Outcomes For This Role


1. Design and Implement Facebook ad campaigns that meet and exceed our KPI's

Analyse and gain a deep understanding of our partners sales funnels and design highly effective, efficient Facebook advertising campaigns that exceed our core KPI's.

2. Consistently create advertisements that achieve CTR's of 2% or better from cold audiences and 3% or better from warm audiences

Write copy for the campaigns you create and combine that with creatives to achieve lead-generation ads delivering link CTR's of 2% or better from cold traffic and 3% or better from warm.

Refresh and test new ad copy on advertising campaigns you are managing on a very regular basis – at least weekly.

Write ad copy that attracts the ideal customer avatar, not just the cheapest leads.

3.   Implement testing processes to consistently improve on your results

Constantly create new tests, analyse data and make decisions based on those results. We have processes and procedures for this that you will need to follow

You'll know you are succeeding against this outcome if you are consistently improving our KPI's against the current control(s)

4.   Deliver   accurate reports to our clients on  a monthly basis

5.  Create landing pages that achieve conversion rates of 40% or better from cold traffic

Required Skills and Experience

1.    Minimum 1 year experience running Facebook  ads for digital products

2.   Experience managing at least $10k USD per month in  Facebook ad spend.

3. Excellent understanding of online sales funnels and digital marketing concepts

4. Analytical and data-driven

Understands data analytics and it's associated concepts. Also has an understanding of Facebook's data reporting in particular.

Able to take that report data and use it to make intelligent, informed decisions that help improve campaign performance. 

5. Able to create high-converting landing pages designed specifically for Facebook and Instagram ad traffic using pagebuilders such as Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce etc..

6. Able to write high converting ad copy and landing page copy. 

To do this effectively you need to understand the nuances of the Facebook and Instagram platforms and how that influences your copywriting.

7. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral

You'll need outstanding communication skills in order to effectively liase with partners, vendors and team members.

8. Strong team player

You need to be able to work well as part of a team of high performers.

9. Always willing and eager to learn

No one on our team knows everything, and we're always working to improve our knowledge and skills. Arrogance and ego don't fit within our team.

You learn independently, from books, podcasts, videos etc. and are able to consume and learn from educational material within the company. An ability to understand complex concepts is crucial.

10. Follow instructions to the letter, and able to understand and execute company SOP's

11.   Takes initiative and   is a problem solver

The successful candidate will be someone who is able to think independently and take initiative to solve problems and move past any obstacle or road block they encounter. You will be working remotely and won't have constant supervision, so when you encounter a problem you will be expected to use your skills to solve it. You will have support from the team, but you are always expected to do everything you can to create your own solutions. When you encounter a road block your mentality is “ok, I can solve this, I just need to figure out how”, not “I'll just ask my supervisor/the team for the answer”.

To Apply

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