How to Get More Facebook Page Fans (for free) and Cut Your Cost Per Click

Looking to grow your Facebook page but don't want to buy likes?

There is a really simple way to grow your Facebook page quickly without running ‘page like' ad campaigns. It's a little-known trick that lots of advertisers aren't aware of, and I'll show you how it works in this short video.

When you watch the video below I'll also show you how to maintain the social proof (likes, comments, shares) on your Facebook ads when you want to scale up and start targeting different audiences.

Normally when you clone an ad, you start back at zero likes, comments and shares. That's bad because ads with lots of social proof tend to attract a lower cost per click. If people see an ad with hundreds of likes and comments, they are much more likely to click on it.

There is a way to maintain the social proof on an ad when you clone it. I'll show you how in the short video below.

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